My Power Comes Through The Use Of My Mind

  • Posted on March 16, 2015 at 6:09 am


What We See In Our World
Is A Mirror Of What We Have In Our Minds.


I am Pure Consciousness! I can use this Consciousness in any way I desire.
I can choose to be conscious of the realm of lack and limitation or I can choose
to be conscious of the realm of Infinite Oneness, Harmony and Wholeness.

It is One Infinite Conscious viewed either negatively or positively.

At all times I am one with all of life, and I am free to experience Love, Harmony, beauty, strength, joy and so much more.

I am Consciousness.
I am Energy.
I am safe.

I Keep learning, growing, and changing my consciousness and changing my


~ Meditations To Heal Your Life By Louise L. Hay ~

Last year I attended a workshop on “Heal Your Life” based on the teachings of Louise L. Hay. The teachings resonated very well for me because I am all for love.For a long time I thought loving others was more important but when I had my spiritual experience the first thing I realized was that we treat others the way we treat ourselves. If we are too critical of ourselves we will be too critical of others as well. Perhaps in trying to efface my ego I was giving more importance to others and was never kind to myself. It was only when I felt that oneness with the Universal Consciousness I felt the unconditional love for all beings in whom the same Consciousness radiated.

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, there is an interesting and famous  conversation between the wise sage Yajnavalkya and his wife Maitreyi where in Maitreyi asks him if she can get immortality through wealth. He says no and then she asks, “what is the use of the wealth, if it does not give me immortality? What is this love for wealth for?”

And then Yajnavalkya says, “Nobody loves anything for its own sake. All love is for the love of the Self, in the pure spiritual sense.” We love other things and others because it gives us pleasure and therefore, we love ourselves more than anything else. And we are nothing but a part of that Universal Consciousness that is like a sea of Consciousness.

So I do believe that everything starts with the love of Self and it is healing.

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