Shiva Is Auspiciousness!

  • Posted on February 22, 2016 at 6:53 pm
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Shiva is Auspiciousness

Brings Out The Goodness In All Of Us


Shiva symbolizes the Consciousness within us. Shiva also symbolizes every thing auspicious and Good. Shiva as Consciousness is in everything and everybody. It is by His power that both good and bad exist in this world.
Through our prayers and devotion, We invoke Shiva who is everywhere in everything and every being, to be compassionate and forgive our misgivings and imperfections and bestow every thing auspicious on us so we may utilize the opportunity of this birth as humans to live with radiance and abundance and find our way back to Him. We do that by recognizing the good in ourselves which is reflected in others as well because where we focus is where our attention goes. So we make it our job to accept ourselves as we are and see positive in ourselves and everywhere and pray for h\His blessings to mitigate all that is harmful and not good for us. We focus on loving ourselves and accept ourselves along with our faults and achievements. We rectify our faults and pat ourselves for our goodness and achievement just as we would others. By seeing the goodness, we’ll be very enthusiastic and our lives will be richer.

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