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Hello, Usha Prabhakar here.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I invite you to look around my website and learn more about who I am and what I do. I share my information and reflections with you in this blog as I explore products and services that help me in my self development.

Feel free to connect with me and skypeme where we can discuss the book “Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay and others as well if you would like.

So go ahead and fill out the form and check out my site and I hope to connect with you at some level in this beautiful journey of life.

I was a Microbiologist but later turned to Internet Marketing because I was tired of killing rats and working with radio active substances contributing to environmental pollution. Also I hated the fact that I had to kill animals to do research.

So I decided I wanted to do Internet Marketing because I wanted to find all those good products and services for myself and then share it with others. I found it very difficult in the beginning because I had all these wrong notions about money and selling. It took me a few years to change my mindset and attitude towards money and business.  Tackling the computer was another big issue for me because I used to be scared to do anything on the computer for fear of damaging the computer or getting virus infections. Anyway, reflecting back I think it has been an exciting journey and every day I am learning something and meeting new people. It is also giving me an understanding of human nature and  personal development. It has made me proactive in taking care of my health and finances and goal oriented. It has given me an opportunity to look forward to creating an exciting life for myself. It has been an exploration into my inner self and I am sharing my thoughts and ideas in this blog. Hope you enjoy reading some of my posts and visit often.



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2 Comments on About Me

  1. Ajit Mishra says:

    Hello Usha, I have seen this website and wants to know more about your service.

  2. Hi Ajit Mishra,

    Which website are you talking about?If you connect with me either on FB or Skype I could give you more information.

    My FB id is http://facebook.com/Usha.S.Prabhakar

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