• Posted on August 19, 2015 at 1:01 pm

The other day I was reading a book written by Caroline Myss and she says there is always grace around you. You just need to have the vision to recognize it. The Universe always responds to your cry for help through people or serendipitous circumstances.

As I was thinking of this I found that I am blessed with incredibly amazing grace! Over the weekend I travelled 56 miles visiting a friend. I was feeling uneasy before I started my journey as I felt like something ‘untoward’ was going to happen. I sometimes get this feeling just before driving which makes me feel very uneasy. Life goes on, no matter what. So I pushed away the thought and went about my way.

It was a Sunday and a very hot day. The amazing thing was that I must have driven 60-70 miles that day but it was only when I was a mile away from my home on my return that the timer belt of my van broke when I had just stopped at a traffic light right in front of a very familiar gas station. I walked into the gas station and sought the help of the attendant there to push the van into his parking lot to get back to it the next day since it was a Sunday and no mechanic was working that day. My son-in-law and daughter lived a mile down the road and I called them for a ride home and everything for the moment seemed okay.

Reflecting back, I escaped the hot sun by not being stranded midway which would have made it a longer wait. The belt could have broken while driving and the car could have gotten into a major accident. It is just amazing grace that I reached home safely.

I prefer to live life as though everything is a miracle!

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