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In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna advises Arjuna, about the right action to take in the 3rd chapter which talks about Karma Yoga.

Shloka 10

In the beginning of creation, Brahma after generating all beings as a result of the performance of sacrifice, the Supreme Lord said: By the performance of sacrifice may you evolve and prosper; let sacrifice bestow all that is desirable for you.

The sacrifice mentioned above is the performance of Yajnas, a sacrificial rite where offerings are made to the Fire god. These yajnas have been scientifically designed by the

ancient rishis of India according to the Vedic Culture of India. Yajnas are the symbol of this vedic culture.

The herbal ingredients that are offered into the fire are called Havan samagri. The fragrance, vapors and fumes generated by yajna yield multiple positive effects and give extra medicinal benefits and strengthen the healthy constituents in the havan samagri.

The heat of the fire in the yajna lightens and expands the surrounding air after purification. This air moves upwards and is spread around in wider areas. New layer of air comes from below and goes thru the same cycle of purification. Yajna thus continues generating more and more pure air for larger and larger space around. The herbs and other ingredients that are burnt in the fire of the yajna are transformed into their subtlest form and reach miles ahead in the space along with spreading vapors and fumes of the yajna. Most importantly these not only destroy the germs but also eliminate the toxic particles and pollutants. The thickened yajna smoke on clouds goes deep in the earth as rainwater and serves the dual purpose of eradication of worms and germs and nurtures the soil with healthy substances. The yajna vapors clustered on clouds are also enshowered on the rivers and ponds and purify and enrich the water resources with vital elements. Thus the smoke generated by the yajna with the sublimated ingredients of the havan samagri that was offered into the fire proves to have excellent purifying, nourishing and medicinal effect on the air as well as on soil and water. Notably, it risks no side effects and there is no perturbance in the ecological harmony.

In ancient times King Bharata the ruler of India, then known as Bharat, under the guidance of rishis, had transformed India into a ‘tapo bhumi’by performing grand yajnas, which had spiritually purifying effects on the land and its people. No wonder India is called ‘Karma bhumi’ because of their actions which had universal benefits.

Today Amma is performing these yajnas all over the world for its purifying effects and elevation of the humans and peaceful conditions to prevail. The relevance and need for grand scale yajnas is all the more necessary in this day and age considering the present circumstances when every component of Nature is critically polluted. The toxic smoke continuously erupting from the chimneys of heavy factories, the ever-increasing volumes of poisonous gases and particles released by the flow of automobiles on every road of the world, by the rising aircrafts in space, etc. have polluted the earth’s atmosphere so much that we hardly get any fresh air to breathe. The rising levels of carbon, lead and other respiratory toxic particles are worsening the instance of coronary, renal and other kinds of diseases.

Billions of dollars are being spent on gigantic pollution-controlling projects world-wide but with no satisfactory effect. Yajna provides an effective eco-friendly, economic alternative in this respect. The sublimated herbs in the fumes and vapors of yajna counter the toxins in air at an amazingly rapid rate and benefit all humans, birds-animals, trees and plants that inhale them through respiration and skin pores. As described earlier, the same energized and medicinal effects reach the soil and water-resources through the rain showers of clouds. Apart from purifying the soil and water, these also augment the fertility of land and vitality of the vegetation and other crops on it.

Scientific experiments in this regard have given encouraging results and shown yajna as a promising means of eliminating global pollution with viable healthy effects.

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