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  • Posted on August 7, 2016 at 11:01 am



What exactly is purity of mind? When I posed this question to someone, that one said, ‘absence of desire is purity.’ How can one be without desire? All our actions are propelled by the motivating force of ‘desire.’  And each of us is helplessly compelled to take action without even a single moment of restraint. //Bh. Gita Ch. 3.5 //

There seems no end to our desires like the waves in the ocean. Just as one wave hits the shore, another wave follows and so also with desires. As each desire is fulfilled, another one sprouts up. Even if the waves subside and lose force there are still some waves that are constantly present causing agitation. So it is with our mind. Our minds are full of thoughts; and some thoughts propel us to take actions while others seem to simply disappear like the waves that die down without rising too high or having any force. So when we reduce our thoughts, we can experience a calmness or peace like the sea with subdued waves.

Our true priceless treasure is peace of mind. My Guru once said, “We all want peace of mind. Yet some people don’t even understand what peace of mind is.” This statement stuck in my mind and I have been pondering over it ever since.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to be in a continuous state of desire-less-ness. Meditation is defined as ‘dhyanam nirvishayam manaha – meditation is emptying the mind of thoughts’. If, in meditation, we restrain our senses and organs of action, but dwell on the objects of the senses, then we are hypocritical because then our mind becomes very active in thinking. The purpose of meditation is to be silent without thoughts, at least for that brief period of time. However, if we our mind focuses on the images on the screen of the mind that the mind has recorded from all the sense perceptions, then the mind again gets attracted to those objects and hankers after them and doesn’t really experience the silence.

Imagine watching the sky. When we focus on the clouds or any other object in space, then our mind focuses on the object and the space itself recedes from our focus. Thoughts are like that in the space of our minds. When we become too extroverted and run after the sensory objects and pleasures then we lose touch with our inner space and focus only on the images and our mind runs after those senses and craves for it more intensely.

However, if we can control our senses restricting the thoughts and desires, then we become eligible to experience a natural state of peace that is our birth right. In the beginning of meditation, the mind is flooded with thoughts of the sensory impressions that it received earlier. With time and continued meditation as our thoughts decrease in speed and quantity, we can experience the silence between the thoughts.  Extending that period of silence between the thoughts takes a longer sitting in meditation. When we are in that state of silence, we become aware of only our existence oblivious of any objects.  This is the state of “existing in our true light.” This is the self-evident, self effulgent truth which is full of bliss and which is eternal, without a beginning or end. (Bh. Gita Ch.2:55) A person who has renounced all desires and stabilizes oneself in this state of being happy in the Self by the self, such a wise person is said to be in stitha prajna! – stable intelligence! Such a wise person only is in peace!

If you can experience this, then you can say ‘proof is in the pudding!’ (your proof is your experience). You know it is a sweet pudding only when you taste it. You can taste the sweetness in every drop of the pudding! Pure love, joy and peace! Only meditators can understand this experience.

This reminds me of the Lalita Sahasranama name, “Chideka rasa rupini!” “SvatmAnanda-lavi-bhuta brahmAdyAnanda santatihi!”

Chit-eka-rasa-rupini: She is of the nature of only one essence, which is Consciousness.

svAtmAnanda- the bliss of the experience of the Self

lavi – fraction

 bhoota becomes

brahmadyAnanda the bliss of Brahman

santatihi – continuous

When the bliss of the Self Is experienced continuously, then it becomes Brahmananda, which love and joy is multiplied when the individual consciousness merges with the universal Consciousness!

The Upanishads have described God or Brahman as sat-chit-ananda. It is indivisible and indestructible. One can experience this aspect of Brahman when one sits in meditation and withdraws one’s mind from all ‘objects’ of perception, emptying the mind of all thoughts. There is a continuous state of silence and concentrated self awareness. This is the pure mind devoid of any thoughts or desires, which make the mind extroverted instead of introverted. When the mind is withdrawn from all thoughts it shines in its own identity which is Absolute, and unrelated to any object it perceives or relates to.

The technique described to understand this is, “Neti Neti” – not this, not this when trying to understand the identity of the self. The Self is not to be realized as an object but to be experienced! It is experienced as the subject without the object.  We generally identify ourselves through our personality, relationships with people, possessions, name and fame and forget our true nature, that is Brahman – Sat, Chit and Ananda. When we negate every object in the process of self inquiry – neti neti – not this, not this (this is not the self, this is not the self) we come to a point of ‘no object’ where only the Self remains. In this process of enquiry, “Who am I?”, we hit upon the ‘Self’ that is the cause of everything. This Self is called ‘pratyagatma’(Bh. Gita 10:20).

When we are in this state of pure awareness of the Self, independent of everything else, then we are in a state of bliss. This state of ‘being’ (or is-ness) is ‘sat,’ and the awareness of this state is ‘consciousness.’ Awareness implies knowledge. This state is also described as ‘satyam, jnanam, ananta!’ that we are – infinite knowledge and Truth. This state of existence or being is called Truth, which is formless, and therefore, infinite. Being or existence is infinite and formless, and the awareness of that existence is Consciousness which is also formless and infinite and therefore Consciousness and Existence, both are one and the same, and only One. When we experience this state of “Pure Consciousness”, we feel the ‘oneness’ with all beings. (Bh. Gita Ch. 10:22 ~ bhutAnAmasmi Chethana!)

To describe this purity with an analogy, the oft quoted example is that of ornaments having pure gold as their substance. The gold is molded into different forms as per the requirements of the ornaments. They are named differently as bracelet, bangle, necklace, ring, etc. depending on their form. However, in their composition they are made of pure gold. So it is also with our consciousness. While all creatures are different in form, they have Consciousness as the common substance. The form can be destroyed but not Consciousness!!! Just as when we melt all ornaments to their essence, it melts into its pure form of gold, so also our true essence of Consciousness is revealed when we withdraw our mind from all thoughts and focus on our being. This is the real purity of mind we want to achieve.

Absence of desire is not the goal but realizing our natural state of peace is the goal. Because just like the ocean that is full and not ruffled when the rivers merge into it, an enlightened person or a ‘stitha prajna’ who is well established in peace is not in the least disturbed by desires produced by the objects of enjoyment which he happens to come across in his life. He is neither elated when a desire is fulfilled or disappointed when a desire is not fulfilled. But a person who hankers after objects of enjoyment can never enjoy peace. ~Bh. Gita Ch2:70~

All our thoughts stem from our Consciousness and take different forms but in essence it is only Consciousness. When we identify with our Pure Consciousness we are in a state of pure mind with no pollution of thoughts. When we identify with our thought forms we are divided in our consciousness limited by its name and form (nama and rupa) as in the gold ornaments cited in the above analogy. So our thoughts are what cause the impurity in our minds. Also, of equal importance is the nature of our antah-karana (inner organs of mind, intellect and heart) whether it is sattvic, rajasic or tamasic. This aspect is reserved for elaborate discussion in another article.

Meditation has been defined as a state of thoughtlessness. “Dhyanam nirvishayam manaha.” We cannot sit for long without thoughts and without moving.  It is against the law of Nature or Prakriti to be motionless. Everything is in motion. Our thoughts mobilize us to act to fulfill our desires. So to be desire less is as impossible as to be thought less. But when we focus on that state of pure consciousness on the background in spite of all the thoughts coming through, we can experience our natural state of peace as the interval of silence increases between the thoughts. Somehow we gain clarity in our thinking later and then we can master our actions by weeding out unnecessary thoughts and acting on the thoughts that do matter to produce a result.   So to be concentrated on an end goal, we streamline our thoughts to simply achieve that goal without much emphasis on the desire itself – nishkama karma. But when we entertain too many thoughts and desires of all kinds, our actions are also diverse, diluted and not concentrated enough to achieve our goals. (Bh.Gita Ch.2:41) Therefore, we need to have purity of mind to achieve our goals as well as to experience our true nature of peace, love and joy – sat, chit and ananda. It is important to be peaceful and happy to perform any action with concentration and excellence.

The practice of meditation helps us to gain self control and achieve both our goals of karya siddhi (accomplishment of goal) and realizing our true nature of peace, love and joy, by purifying the mind. However, meditation doesn’t come easy for a lot of people because we are so steeped in endless thinking. Moreover, rarely does one even aspire for liberation or moksha! (freedom from bondage) ~Bh. Gita Ch. 7:3~

When we do worship or upasana also we gain purity in mind to focus on that which is higher than us. Mingling with like minded people, who are also doing a self-study and seeking the same end goal-that is Self-Realization, is also a step toward purification of mind.


In order to experience the Self, we need to concentrate our thoughts on Brahman. The world is so attractive that we become busy doing various things that take our mind away from the desire to know the Self. Not knowing what we are seeking, the desire to know our Self is not as strong as the desire for worldly things that are tangible. However, it is said, on knowing the Self, there is nothing else one would desire. 

The man whose mind is not under his control has no Self-Knowledge and   to the unsteady no meditation is possible and to the un-meditative, there  can be no peace, and to the man who has no peace, how can there be  any happiness ? ~Bh. Gita Ch.2:66~

Lord Krishna himself has said, “I am the desire in all beings,” but that desire that is not inconsistent with dharma.

When we change our desire to find happiness from worldly objects and turn it inward to experience our true nature of Supreme Consciousness then we live true to our dharma. Once we get a glimpse of Paramatma, then our attraction to the worldly things disappear totally without even leaving a trace of that attraction. Bh. Gita 2:59

We are born out of desire to fulfill our desires in the natural course of our birth and growth – to expand and express ourselves like a flower that blooms and fully expresses its beauty and fragrance. Hence, the analogy given of the Lotus flower that blooms in spite of growing in a pond of mud is appropriate here. We have to perform our actions and express ourselves without being affected by the surrounding impurities. It is said that just like taking a dip in the water everyday cleans the body, taking a dip in the waters of the Bh. Gita every day removes the impurities of our worldly existence in our mind.

Malanirmochanam pumsAm jala snAnam dine dine

Sakrid GitAmbhasi snAnam samsAra malamochanam!

                                       ~~ Bh. Gita DhyAna Shloka ~~


As we expand our individual awareness to touch the Supreme Consciousness from dwelling on the nature of the Supreme Brahman, the worldly activities (papa, sinful actions) do not affect our mind just as the lotus flower is not affected by the water droplets that easily fall off its petals.                                                                                                                                                                          ~~ Bh.Gita Ch.5:


True happiness lies within! “Kingdom of heaven is within!” This knowledge and wisdom is only experienced when we give up all our desires for worldly things, control our self and direct the mind inward sincerely, toward knowing the self. The Lord chooses one who chooses the Lord! Once again it all starts with our desire. Do you have the desire to know the God within? Once you know God there is nothing else in the world that you would want to know. Bh. Gita Ch. 7:2

shraddhaavaan labhate jnaanam tatparah samyatendriyah
    jnaanam labdhvaa paraam shaantim achirenaadhigacchati 

                                                                    // Bh. Gita Ch.4:39 //

The man who is full of faith,  who is devoted to it and who has subdued all the senses, obtains this Knowledge ; and having obtained Knowledge he goes at once to the Supreme Peace.




Shiva Is Auspiciousness!

  • Posted on February 22, 2016 at 6:53 pm
 In Goodness


Shiva is Auspiciousness

Brings Out The Goodness In All Of Us


Shiva symbolizes the Consciousness within us. Shiva also symbolizes every thing auspicious and Good. Shiva as Consciousness is in everything and everybody. It is by His power that both good and bad exist in this world.
Through our prayers and devotion, We invoke Shiva who is everywhere in everything and every being, to be compassionate and forgive our misgivings and imperfections and bestow every thing auspicious on us so we may utilize the opportunity of this birth as humans to live with radiance and abundance and find our way back to Him. We do that by recognizing the good in ourselves which is reflected in others as well because where we focus is where our attention goes. So we make it our job to accept ourselves as we are and see positive in ourselves and everywhere and pray for h\His blessings to mitigate all that is harmful and not good for us. We focus on loving ourselves and accept ourselves along with our faults and achievements. We rectify our faults and pat ourselves for our goodness and achievement just as we would others. By seeing the goodness, we’ll be very enthusiastic and our lives will be richer.

The Art of Communicating

  • Posted on December 12, 2015 at 3:28 pm

Communication requires many skills.

The Facts about Nitric Oxide and Kyani Nitro FX

  • Posted on November 7, 2015 at 5:18 pm

Article 1: The Molecule of Life
Article 2: Nobel Prize Speech The Nitric Oxide Break-Through
Dr. Qutab02Nitric Oxide: The Molecule of Life
By Dr. Abbas Qutab, a member of the Kyani medical team, has independently written a book about Nitric Oxide, entitled Nitric Oxide-The Molecule of Life, which has been translated into several languages. In this book he refers to a proprietary blend for receiving the most powerful form of Nitric Oxide. He is referring to the Kyani Nitro FX.
Nitric Oxide and Kyani: In 2001 an independent laboratory conducted research on Noni and found that in endothelial tests in vitro, diluted Noni juice produced a nitric oxide effect. It was also found that Noni leaves produced four times the amount of nitric oxide as compared to diluted Noni juice. However, by using a proprietary combination of various parts of the whole Noni plant, a formula which produces a nitric oxide effect up to 50 times greater than the diluted Noni juice was created!
Kyani Nitro FX utilizes this formula which includes the best parts of the entire Noni plant , roots stems and leaves, and distillates them into a proprietary extract to provide optimal nitric oxide effect.
The Discovery of Nitro FX
The discovery of nonis nitric oxide effect finally explained the true benefits of the Noni plant. This finding led to a new and potentially life-changing product called Kyani Nitro FX, a formula that maximizes the production of nitric oxide. This product utilizes the best parts of the Noni plant and distillates them into a proprietary extract to provide optimal nitric oxide effect. The discovery of nitric oxide function in the human body is one of the most important discoveries in recent medical/scientific history. The breakthrough came in 1987, when it was shown that this molecule, which was far from the forefront of medical science, was produced in nearly every cell in the human body.
The importance of nitric oxide was made even more evident when three Pharmacologists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998 for their research in nitric oxide. Recently nitric oxide has been named the molecule for without it, life is impossible
What is nitric oxide?
What is nitric oxide and why is it so important? Despite the significance of this molecule, nitric oxide (abbreviated NO) is relatively unknown outside the medical research community. Nitric oxide is a highly reactive gas that is naturally produced in the human body. NO is the most important signaling molecule in the body, and it affects a wide range of physiological functions including circulation, inflammation, and oxygen release in tissues from red blood cells.
Before going any further, however, letss be clear on one thing nitric oxide: it is NOT nitrous oxide, the gas administered by dentists to decrease pain during dental procedures. But there are similarities, as in the case of nitroglycerine, often prescribed to reduce the pain of angina because it generates nitric oxide. In both cases, pain is decreased through the nitric oxide effect!
Furthermore, nitric oxide is NOT nitric acid, a highly corrosive acid used in the making of explosives and fertilizers. Nor is it nitrogen oxide, a poisonous air pollutant. Rather, the nitric oxide (NO) molecule is composed of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen bound by a double bond. What has scientists and researchers around the globe so excited about this seemingly simple molecule is the seemingly unlimited number of functions it has in the human body.
What are the benefits of nitric oxide?
Nitric oxide helps maintain, repair and defend nearly every cell and system in the body. NO assists in combating pain, inflammation, digestion problems, insomnia, diabetes, and injury. It is also consistently linked to increased energy, improved sexual function, and even weight management. It is able to do this because it is a signaling molecule which instigates processes involving an extensive array of physiological functions.
Perhaps the most important function of nitric oxide is the relaxing of the smooth muscles in the walls of the arterioles, thus allowing blood to flow more freely to vital organs. This promotes optimal heart function by allowing more oxygen, nutrients, vitamins, and growth factors to reach crucial points in the body.
Where does nitric oxide come from?
The primary way nitric oxide is produced in the body is through the process of converting Larginine (one of the 20 amino acids) into citrulline. L-arginine, the source of NO, is released from proteins and small peptides in the small intestine and is then absorbed, along with other amino acids into the circulation. It is then delivered to every cell in the body. Some L-arginine is metabolized for NO synthesis and some is used for protein synthesis.
Nitric oxide is also created from substances known as nitrates. As we now know, nitrites found in plants such as green leafy vegetable and noni have proven to be high in these substances, and when ingested the nitrates and nitrites are converted into NO by normal stomach acid. Not only does this nitric oxide protect us by killing almost all the bacteria that have been swallowed in our food, but it also diffuses through the stomach wall and enters the red blood cells or binds to protein to be carried off to all parts of the body.
Noni and the Nitric Oxide Effect
Over the last decade Noni (morinda citrifolia) has become a worldwide health phenomenon and hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have added their voices to the Polynesians’ – that Noni works! But, no one really understood the reasons why it worked, including the Polynesians. Until now!
Detailed analysis of Noni revealed the incredible nutrient composition of this remarkable plant. Noni is rich in health-promoting compounds such as antioxidants, phytochemicals and bioflavonoids. The Noni leaves and roots are sources of complete protein, each having a full complement of essential amino acids.
In 2001 an independent laboratory conducted research on Noni and found that in endothelial tests in vitro, diluted Noni juice produced a nitric oxide effect. It was also found that Noni leaves produced four times the amount of nitric oxide as compared to diluted Noni juice. However, by using a proprietary combination of various parts of the whole Noni plant, a formula which produces a nitric oxide effect up to 50 times greater than the diluted Noni juice was created!
The Discovery of Nitro FX
The discovery of nonis nitric oxide effect finally explained the true benefits of the Noni plant. This finding led to a new and potentially life-changing product called Kyani Nitro FX, a formula that maximizes the production of nitric oxide. This product utilizes the best parts of the Noni plant and distillates them into a proprietary extract to provide optimal nitric oxide effect.

Actions Are The Offspring Of Thoughts

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Learn A Lesson1

Actions are the off spring of thoughts.

‘Unmindful thinking’ leads to chaotic

actions and therefore inconsistent


To get a real award, avoid waste and negative. If there is a long time practice of avoiding negative and waste, I will be able to appreciate fully the gifts of life. This is the reward I get. Also, since I am not sowing wrong seeds, whatever fruits I reap are
positive too. Even when life brings different situations, I still am able to receive positive fruits. Today I will check my own thoughts at least 10 times today. I will check the quality of my thoughts. If I catch myself having negative or waste thoughts, I will create one single positive thought like “I am the master of my life” or “I choose my destiny with my actions” or simply “I am happy today”.


  • Posted on August 19, 2015 at 1:01 pm

The other day I was reading a book written by Caroline Myss and she says there is always grace around you. You just need to have the vision to recognize it. The Universe always responds to your cry for help through people or serendipitous circumstances.

As I was thinking of this I found that I am blessed with incredibly amazing grace! Over the weekend I travelled 56 miles visiting a friend. I was feeling uneasy before I started my journey as I felt like something ‘untoward’ was going to happen. I sometimes get this feeling just before driving which makes me feel very uneasy. Life goes on, no matter what. So I pushed away the thought and went about my way.

It was a Sunday and a very hot day. The amazing thing was that I must have driven 60-70 miles that day but it was only when I was a mile away from my home on my return that the timer belt of my van broke when I had just stopped at a traffic light right in front of a very familiar gas station. I walked into the gas station and sought the help of the attendant there to push the van into his parking lot to get back to it the next day since it was a Sunday and no mechanic was working that day. My son-in-law and daughter lived a mile down the road and I called them for a ride home and everything for the moment seemed okay.

Reflecting back, I escaped the hot sun by not being stranded midway which would have made it a longer wait. The belt could have broken while driving and the car could have gotten into a major accident. It is just amazing grace that I reached home safely.

I prefer to live life as though everything is a miracle!

Significance Of A Yajna

  • Posted on May 23, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Amma Invites The Whole World to Attend The

Lallta Sahasranama Maha Maha Yajnam

(May 29 – June 7, 2015)


As I was watching the above video, I started wondering about the significance of a Yajna and wondered why Amma was
encouraging the whole world to come and attend the Yajna. Is it not enough to just invite those who have a keen interest to

attend a Yajna? Most people are not interested in fire ceremonies even in India. Why is it that people are not so interested

even in India?

As I researched on the topic this is what I found from various references.

The foundation of the vedic culture is based on the philosophy and science of yajna. Yajna is the symbol of this divine culture.

It was a common belief and an observed fact that yajna is essential for refinement of human life from that of an individual driven

By animalistic instincts to a Brahmin’s (sagacious, altruist) .. to a great personality of divine glory… The custom of performing Yajnas

were pivotal in the all round progress, prosperity and happiness of the people in that Age. Based on their in depth understanding and

research of the human self, and the the mysteries of Nature, It was the ancient Rishis who developed the philosophy and science of Yajna and the different modes of performing yajnas.



Over the ages, we lost and forgot the originality, purpose, relevance and importance of yajnas in our life. It won’t be an exaggeration

Or mistake to conclude that this negligence has been a major cause of our fallen and miserable state today. Nevertheless, there is a

hope, as we somehow remember yajna as a holy custom and occasionally perform it – in some form at least, as a symbolic ritual.


The Inspirations Resulting From the Fire Endowed In A Yajna

  1. The heat in the Yajna is a source of immense energy. As this fire inflames, melts or sublimates all the gross

    substances inside, we too should burn out all our vices, ill tendencies, lethargy, dullness and despair and energize

    our personality with the warmth of new zeal, alacrity, awareness and hope.


  2. The luminous glow of the agni in the yajna illumines the surrounding space. Its radiance expresses the eminence of

    divinity, which should enlighten every dimension of our lives. We should grasp the message of “tamaso mA

    JyotirgamayA” from it and kindle the light of pure knowledge and prudence in our mind.


  3. YajnAgni sublimates the havan sAmagri (ingredients such as herbs, etc.) sacrificed in it and spreads the energized

    Particles and medicinal vapors around for the benefit of all, rather than retaining the substances with it.

    The humans, plants and animals, the air, the surrounding atmosphere all gain from its purifying healthy effects.

    We too should learn not to keep our talents, our resources, our potentials confined to selfish domains. Rather

    Expand it for the upliftment and betterment of wider sections of society. Materialistic possession should also

    Be limited only to what is most essential for the sustenance of self-reliance. Excessive resources, stocking of

    Comforts and wealth are of no use unless applied for altruistic projects. So we should detach from self-obsession,

    And broaden our perspectives with generous sentiments.


  4. Fire would not be affected or maligned even if some rubbish or dirt is burned in it. Rather it transmutes those

    substances and sublimates their inner properties too. The pristine flames of YajnAgni inspires us to be insulated

    from the untoward influences in our interactions with people and from the vices and declining attractions of the

    ambience around. We should be firm and strong in adopting virtuous tendencies and attempt expanding them

    against immorality, illusions and perversions.


  5. Whatever be the pressure on it, the flames of a blaze are always upward. The elevated YajnAgni motivates that the

    Erected spark of our discerning determination and inner inspiration should remain unperturbed by the pressures of

    passions and fears.


  6. The ash produced by fire reminds us of the ephemeral and transient nature of life. We tend to forget this eternal fact and

    Continue entangling in the thralldom of varieties of cravings and attachments and adding to our mistakes, infirmities and

    Sins too. While putting the Yajna bhasm, ash, on our head after the yajna, we should ponder over the end of our present

    Life and realize the importance of the time and breaths available to us now. This should awaken us and invoke our inner

    Resolution to stop piling up the blemishes and misdeeds and rather choose the prudent path of piety, morality and amity

    That is going to lead to everlasting content, peace and beatitude in life.


  7. The heat and brilliance of fire remain consistent till it is ablaze. The same is true of YajnAgni, which remains alive throughout

    The process of Yajna. Our strength, excellence, enlightened activities, religious conduct and efficient transaction of our

    Duties towards the betterment of the world should also remain enliven and sparkling till the last moments of our jivana-



    The Yajurveda expresses the divine grandeur of Yajna as –


    “Any aspirant of lasting peace and true joy in life would not shed or neglect yajna. Divinity leaves the person who discards

    Yajna, which is a manifestiona of thee” (Yajur. 2/22)


    “The YajnAgni enshoowers good rains, prosperity and strength”


    “How could the smog of ignorance, infirmity and evils remain in the heart where the brilliance of yajnAgni glows?”


    A devoted yati is eventually emancipated from all ignorance and darkness and attains the state of ultimate illumination in thy



    O Yajna! You are the divine asylum, the source of unalloyed happiness; all sufferings and ailments and the germs and causes

    Of diseases are destroyed in your presence; like the skin (for the body) you are the unique protector of the earth”


    “YajnA is the eternal religion”


    “O Yajna! You are the source of energy for the Gods. Ennoble this havi reach them so that thy grace would be bestowed for the

    Beatified welfare of the yAjaks” (Yajur. 1/20)


    There are many such extolling verses from various Vedas and Puranas.




Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

  • Posted on March 27, 2015 at 5:44 am

As I was reading this bullet point in Dalai Lama’s 18 rules of Life, I couldn’t help think about the difference between ‘your love for each other exceeds your need for each other’.

Contemplating on this point brings into focus that True love begins with the discovery of self love. Love of self almost implies selfishness but really we are not talking about our love for our self identity or the ego self. When we identify our existence as an entity with a form, name and situation then we are constantly looking for validation from others. True Self Love begins with the realization that my true existence is not dependent on anything external to me, because I AM EXISTENCE itself. On exploring this Self through the path of enquiry as to who I AM, we can realize that we are Consciousness & Energy full of knowledge, love and joy. The very fact that you exist makes you loveable. Love is your birthright and the fountain of love is within you. You need not go beg anybody for love. You don’t have to feel the need for love from some one.

So what is this ‘need for each other’? It is a love based on ‘conditional love’. I love you because you make me happy, you make me smile, you buy me gifts, etc. etc.That is a “need based love” to put it very simply. Love that is unconditional is non dependent; it just is – it is a feeling of contentment that comes from loving who you are.

Essentially we humans are social beings. We like drama, and are born to realize our dreams. But only those who are tired of the drama and the never ending dreams that are waiting to be realized, can embark on the path of enquiry. That identification with your true Self through Cosmic Consciousness gives you the real freedom to love yourself for who you are and love others as well for who they are.

Yes I have introduced another term here which is Cosmic Consciousness but don’t let that deter you from exploring further. If you would like to learn more along these lines, come join us in our “Heal Your Life” Skype chat room where we discuss these topics.

 Falling In Love. Eckhart Tolle



  • Posted on March 16, 2015 at 2:07 pm

I Am A Radiant Being Of Love


At the core of my heart I am like the Sun radiating with love and knowledge. Knowing this and meditating on it helps us connect with our inner resource to these 2 attributes that are absolutely essential for us to be in the light, for the sun has no partiality and shines on everybody that opens their window to its rays, and we are in infinite supply. It is inexhaustible! We hold that fountain of love and knowledge as that is what we are!!

Yet God speaks to us through any means possible to be heard by us even if it has to be through dreams or through other people. Our effort only lies in tuning in to our inner Self and to do so I feel inspired by Og Mandino’s scrolls on love which is worth reading every day.


For a slide show of the ten scrolls click here



My Power Comes Through The Use Of My Mind

  • Posted on March 16, 2015 at 6:09 am


What We See In Our World
Is A Mirror Of What We Have In Our Minds.


I am Pure Consciousness! I can use this Consciousness in any way I desire.
I can choose to be conscious of the realm of lack and limitation or I can choose
to be conscious of the realm of Infinite Oneness, Harmony and Wholeness.

It is One Infinite Conscious viewed either negatively or positively.

At all times I am one with all of life, and I am free to experience Love, Harmony, beauty, strength, joy and so much more.

I am Consciousness.
I am Energy.
I am safe.

I Keep learning, growing, and changing my consciousness and changing my


~ Meditations To Heal Your Life By Louise L. Hay ~

Last year I attended a workshop on “Heal Your Life” based on the teachings of Louise L. Hay. The teachings resonated very well for me because I am all for love.For a long time I thought loving others was more important but when I had my spiritual experience the first thing I realized was that we treat others the way we treat ourselves. If we are too critical of ourselves we will be too critical of others as well. Perhaps in trying to efface my ego I was giving more importance to others and was never kind to myself. It was only when I felt that oneness with the Universal Consciousness I felt the unconditional love for all beings in whom the same Consciousness radiated.

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, there is an interesting and famous  conversation between the wise sage Yajnavalkya and his wife Maitreyi where in Maitreyi asks him if she can get immortality through wealth. He says no and then she asks, “what is the use of the wealth, if it does not give me immortality? What is this love for wealth for?”

And then Yajnavalkya says, “Nobody loves anything for its own sake. All love is for the love of the Self, in the pure spiritual sense.” We love other things and others because it gives us pleasure and therefore, we love ourselves more than anything else. And we are nothing but a part of that Universal Consciousness that is like a sea of Consciousness.

So I do believe that everything starts with the love of Self and it is healing.

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