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Here’s some information about Noni and  Proxeronine

Benefits of Noni are incredible. Noni contains over 150 nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other things the body desperately needs to function and stay disease free. Among all these incredible things, there is one nutrient found within Noni that has become perhaps the most talked about and most life giving nutrient found in Noni. Scientific research by a gentleman named Dr. Ralph Heinicke plays an important role in what makes this nutrient and Noni so special.

This nutrient is actually a molecule that Dr. Ralph Heinicke later called proxeronine. This molecule is essential for the body and its role and importance is discussed below.

Xeronine is not found in Noni, but Dr. Heinicke identified the precursor to Xeronine, which is found in great abundance within Noni, which he rightly named proxeronine.

Proxeronine is a molecule that combines with another enzyme called Proxeronaise. The Proxeronine molecule basically wraps itself around Proxeronaise, and after it has done that it combines with Seratonine. These 3 things together produce this very important alkaloid Xeronine. So what is so important about Xeronine? After Xeronine is created, it combines with many different types of proteins within the body, which is absolutely essential for these proteins to function correctly. Many protiens cannot perform their function in the body with Xeronine. At the same time not all proteins require Xeronine. Proteins are important for many reasons. First, they provide structure for hair, skin, and bones. Proteins provide most of the structure for your entire body, even down to things on the most basic cellular level. Second, they also allow for the transport of chemicals in and out of your cells, allowing important nutrients to enter in providing cells with what they need to function properly. Third, proteins can also act as hormones within the body and in this way they coordinate all bodily processes on the molecular level.

Fourth, they also act as antibodies helping the immune system. Antibodies are critical because they help to attach to bacteria, viruses, parasites and other dangerous things in the body and basically render them harmless. Fifth, these proteins act as enzymes that help facilitate all types of different chemical production in the body. Cells constantly break down and are in need of these different chemicals to rebuild, regrow and to function properly. You can start to instantly see that Proxeronine is absolutely essential in the body and without it, many of the functions in our bodies would not function on the same level!!

Yesterday I met a Physiotherapist who was telling me the benefits of Noni. He also told me that one of his patients used to smoke at least 3 to 4 packets of cigarettes everyday. He advised him to take 3 to 4 drops of Noni Leaven under his tongue every day.

Within a week the patient expressed concern that he was not able to smoke as much as he used to and was only able to smoke 1 packet a day. Of course the Doctor advised him not to worry about it but to continue taking the drops of Noni Leaven to realize the benefit of feeling a sense of well being again. I was amazed to hear this. What a hope from all kinds of addictions of caffeine, nicotine and even morphine!

I wondered about the mechanism of action of Noni in helping him to overcome this addiction to Nicotine. I just found this wonderful explanation of how Noni helps the body in overcoming the addition to Nicotine.  How interesting and so well explained in the above video presentation.

The molecule proxeronine is naturally formed in the liver but with all kinds of debilitating conditions the body does not produce enough of it and even accelerates the aging process. This is a wonderful example of how in spite of all the modern technological advances, our artificial and stressful life style is worsening our health. So here in Noni we have a wonderful answer to rectify those problems and increase our quality filled longevity as well.

If you are interested in getting some of the Noni Leaven please feel free to fill out your details on the form on the right and I will contact you with the details of price, method of payment and shipment method. Your email and other information will be kept strictly confidential.

You can get 10ml or 50 ml bottles which come with a dropper included. Just squeeze 3-4 drops under the tongue to feel the increase in your energy levels. More instructions on how to use it is included in the packet.

You can also get All natural Noni Hair Dye. Each pack comes with the shampoo and dye packed in different compartments within the packet. Wear gloves, just squeeze out the mixture into a container,  mix and apply to hair and massage the scalp well. Wait 20-30 mins and rinse with water.

Health is wealth! Do not delay in realizing the benefits of Noni.

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