Significance Of A Yajna

  • Posted on May 23, 2015 at 8:04 pm

Amma Invites The Whole World to Attend The

Lallta Sahasranama Maha Maha Yajnam

(May 29 – June 7, 2015)


As I was watching the above video, I started wondering about the significance of a Yajna and wondered why Amma was
encouraging the whole world to come and attend the Yajna. Is it not enough to just invite those who have a keen interest to

attend a Yajna? Most people are not interested in fire ceremonies even in India. Why is it that people are not so interested

even in India?

As I researched on the topic this is what I found from various references.

The foundation of the vedic culture is based on the philosophy and science of yajna. Yajna is the symbol of this divine culture.

It was a common belief and an observed fact that yajna is essential for refinement of human life from that of an individual driven

By animalistic instincts to a Brahmin’s (sagacious, altruist) .. to a great personality of divine glory… The custom of performing Yajnas

were pivotal in the all round progress, prosperity and happiness of the people in that Age. Based on their in depth understanding and

research of the human self, and the the mysteries of Nature, It was the ancient Rishis who developed the philosophy and science of Yajna and the different modes of performing yajnas.



Over the ages, we lost and forgot the originality, purpose, relevance and importance of yajnas in our life. It won’t be an exaggeration

Or mistake to conclude that this negligence has been a major cause of our fallen and miserable state today. Nevertheless, there is a

hope, as we somehow remember yajna as a holy custom and occasionally perform it – in some form at least, as a symbolic ritual.


The Inspirations Resulting From the Fire Endowed In A Yajna

  1. The heat in the Yajna is a source of immense energy. As this fire inflames, melts or sublimates all the gross

    substances inside, we too should burn out all our vices, ill tendencies, lethargy, dullness and despair and energize

    our personality with the warmth of new zeal, alacrity, awareness and hope.


  2. The luminous glow of the agni in the yajna illumines the surrounding space. Its radiance expresses the eminence of

    divinity, which should enlighten every dimension of our lives. We should grasp the message of “tamaso mA

    JyotirgamayA” from it and kindle the light of pure knowledge and prudence in our mind.


  3. YajnAgni sublimates the havan sAmagri (ingredients such as herbs, etc.) sacrificed in it and spreads the energized

    Particles and medicinal vapors around for the benefit of all, rather than retaining the substances with it.

    The humans, plants and animals, the air, the surrounding atmosphere all gain from its purifying healthy effects.

    We too should learn not to keep our talents, our resources, our potentials confined to selfish domains. Rather

    Expand it for the upliftment and betterment of wider sections of society. Materialistic possession should also

    Be limited only to what is most essential for the sustenance of self-reliance. Excessive resources, stocking of

    Comforts and wealth are of no use unless applied for altruistic projects. So we should detach from self-obsession,

    And broaden our perspectives with generous sentiments.


  4. Fire would not be affected or maligned even if some rubbish or dirt is burned in it. Rather it transmutes those

    substances and sublimates their inner properties too. The pristine flames of YajnAgni inspires us to be insulated

    from the untoward influences in our interactions with people and from the vices and declining attractions of the

    ambience around. We should be firm and strong in adopting virtuous tendencies and attempt expanding them

    against immorality, illusions and perversions.


  5. Whatever be the pressure on it, the flames of a blaze are always upward. The elevated YajnAgni motivates that the

    Erected spark of our discerning determination and inner inspiration should remain unperturbed by the pressures of

    passions and fears.


  6. The ash produced by fire reminds us of the ephemeral and transient nature of life. We tend to forget this eternal fact and

    Continue entangling in the thralldom of varieties of cravings and attachments and adding to our mistakes, infirmities and

    Sins too. While putting the Yajna bhasm, ash, on our head after the yajna, we should ponder over the end of our present

    Life and realize the importance of the time and breaths available to us now. This should awaken us and invoke our inner

    Resolution to stop piling up the blemishes and misdeeds and rather choose the prudent path of piety, morality and amity

    That is going to lead to everlasting content, peace and beatitude in life.


  7. The heat and brilliance of fire remain consistent till it is ablaze. The same is true of YajnAgni, which remains alive throughout

    The process of Yajna. Our strength, excellence, enlightened activities, religious conduct and efficient transaction of our

    Duties towards the betterment of the world should also remain enliven and sparkling till the last moments of our jivana-



    The Yajurveda expresses the divine grandeur of Yajna as –


    “Any aspirant of lasting peace and true joy in life would not shed or neglect yajna. Divinity leaves the person who discards

    Yajna, which is a manifestiona of thee” (Yajur. 2/22)


    “The YajnAgni enshoowers good rains, prosperity and strength”


    “How could the smog of ignorance, infirmity and evils remain in the heart where the brilliance of yajnAgni glows?”


    A devoted yati is eventually emancipated from all ignorance and darkness and attains the state of ultimate illumination in thy



    O Yajna! You are the divine asylum, the source of unalloyed happiness; all sufferings and ailments and the germs and causes

    Of diseases are destroyed in your presence; like the skin (for the body) you are the unique protector of the earth”


    “YajnA is the eternal religion”


    “O Yajna! You are the source of energy for the Gods. Ennoble this havi reach them so that thy grace would be bestowed for the

    Beatified welfare of the yAjaks” (Yajur. 1/20)


    There are many such extolling verses from various Vedas and Puranas.




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