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Organo Gold Coffee Interview (with Xarah)

  • Posted on December 2, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Organo Gold Coffee




Q1. Who are You and what is your story and what made you turn to Network Marketing? What drew you to this Industry?

My name is Usha Prabhakar. I was basically concentrating on being a good mother to my daughter as she was growing up.  I wanted to enjoy raising her and be available to her when she would come home. So I worked for 5 years as a substitute teacher which allowed me to be home when she came home. However, once she graduated and went off to college, I decided I wanted to work on building myself a residual income for my retirement years. And as I started exploring the different opportunities I started trying the different health products that gave me energy, boosted my immunity and helped control my diabetes.  I also started working on my own self development, taking responsibility for my life, learning to make decisions and training myself to take actions to succeed. This was not only challenging but allowed me to become creative and work on improving myself. I was progressing not only on the material level but also on the spiritual level which gave more meaning to my philosophy of life. I think I have become a very positive person, self-motivated and action oriented.

Q2. What made you choose OrGano Gold?

I recently became a distributor for Organo Gold when I experienced the benefits of Ganoderma Coffee. I was first introduced to it in India where I had it for a month. When I came back here, I went back to drinking Folgers coffee which I was used to but started missing the feeling of well being that I had with Ganoderma Coffee. So I started looking for a distributor for Ganoderma coffee. When I came across an ad in the Yoga institute, I called up the representative and when she told me that the company had meetings once a week in the hotel next to my house, I decided to attend it. When I saw that ordinary people like me were quitting their jobs and buying Mercedes Benz within a few weeks of being in the business, I decided to join the company, feeling confident that if they could make it, I could too.

Q3. Who are the founders of Organo Gold and what is their vision for the company?

We have great leadership from the CEO of the company, Bernie Chua, who is the founder of the company, Holton Buggs, VP of Sales and Shane Morand, the Global Master Distributor. Napoleon Hill Foundation studied Organo Gold as a company, their product, compensation plan and training and then invited Organo Gold to collaborate with them. They commemorated this collaboration with the edition of Think and Grow Rich having the logo of OG.  Organo Gold’s mission is to become the most admired company in the world.


Organo Gold Coffee


Q4. Tell me the most important points or Highlights of Organo Gold.

Many companies like McDonalds, Burger King,  Subway, Dunkin Donuts and Nestles are cashing in on the coffee market. So it is obvious that coffee is a profitable market. Coffee is the 2nd largest traded commodity next to oil and most popular beverage after water.  Organo Gold has come up with a healthy coffee that capitalizes on 5 of the fast growing industries such as the health and wellness industry, Home based business, Internet Market, weight loss and the coffee industry. Organo Gold is an excellent company with great leadership which follows the principles of Think and Grow Rich. It is fun to do this business because of the fact that we are giving the necessary health benefits thru a vehicle that is the most popular beverage, coffee. Now that, I think, is an ingenious idea. All that people need to do is enjoy drinking what they have already been drinking, but when they take Organo Gold coffee they can experience the health benefits as well.

Also Organo Gold has the wonderful philosophy to become the most admired company in the world and cares enough to give back in contributions to the community all over the world. It also managed to raise $257000 over one weekend during the OG Cares International convention in New Orleans in September 2012. I was amazed that they could meet their goal of raising that much money during the convention on a single weekend.


Q5. What is the #1 question you get about Organo Gold and the Unique objections You get from prospects about your Organo Gold? How do you answer them?

They usually ask what is in it or does it taste good? Their objection is always, “I am not good at selling.” I always tell them it tastes as good as Starbucks coffee. Only difference is that Star bucks does not pay them to drink their coffee where as Organo Gold pays them to drink their coffee and to refer it to others. So all you have to do is share your sample of healthy coffee as opposed to sell it. When was the last time their brand of coffee paid them? How many times did you get paid to recommend a good restaurant or movie? People may forget to drink water but they never forget to drink their coffee no matter what the state of the economy is. So it is definitely a recession proof business. All they need to do is wear their business hat on and see the opportunity to build a residual income and legacy for their children and their grand children.

Q6. What are the differences between Organo Gold coffee and any other regular coffee?

Regular Coffee

  • Dehydrates
  • Very Acidic
  • Raises Blood Pressure
  • Raises Stress Levels In The Body
  • Coffee Jitters, Withdrawal Symptoms and Caffeine crash
  • Has approximately 135mg of Caffeine
  • Most Coffee has a pH 5.5 (very acidic)

Where as Organo Gold Ganoderma Coffee

  • Balances pH Levels by hydrating
  • Oxygenates the body and increases brain power, focus and concentration
  • Natural detoxification
  • Strengthens and boosts immune system
  • Provides energy and boosts Stamina
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • No jitters, no anxiety or caffeine crash
  • Has approx 9mg of caffeine
  • Has a neutral pH between 7.3 and 7.5

Q7. How do you market your business and how do you help your team with their business?

We have a proven system in place from the company that we plug into. I market my business by word of mouth most of the time. Just mingle with people and share a sample of coffee wherever I go and with whoever has an open mind to try a new product or listen to ideas on making supplemental income. We have weekly meetings by our up line team members who have achieved different levels of income. We also make ourselves accountable to our team members in terms of achieving our goals.

Q8. Do you do any paid marketing for your business?

No I have not yet done any paid marketing. I do mostly look for referrals, direct or indirect. But I am sure paid marketing will also work very well with this business and others are doing it.



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