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Life Is A Dance – Nataraja’s Dance!

  • Posted on March 25, 2016 at 3:42 pm





The Art of Living


The real fountain of joy, peace and love is within. This is only a theory in

the mind until experienced, but a necessary theory to diligently

investigate to give more meaning to life. A mind that does not interrogate

the mysteries of life and death lives a life full of fear, ignorance and

sorrow. It is an uninteresting and mechanical life to say the least.

In the art of living, the flower of life should naturally blossom to give out

the fragrance of joy, peace and love.


So, why should I interrogate the very cause of life? Because all our

actions are based on causes. Why do we act the way we do? Whether you

are a realized soul or an ignorant materialist, we all have to act. That is

the common denominator. There is however, a propelling

motivating desire behind every action that fuels the action. Without that

focused desire, action does not bear the desired fruit. The art of living lies

in balancing every action to the benefit of an individual’s best interest.

Desire for experience is the very cause of life but experiences are never

ending as one experience follows another. Experiences come and go but

that ‘experience’ is not me. I am conscious or aware of that experience

that comes and goes. While that experience comes and goes, I am myself

present constantly without changing,  as a witness, who is aware of that

experience. So who am  I?  “I” is “Pure Consciousness” or “Pure

Awareness,” who is Absolute and unrelated to any experience, object

or relationship. 


It is this investigation that will get us out of the wheel of life and death –

“samsara chakra.” What is this samsara chakra? Every action has an

effect. Our scriptures say that when we act without attachment to our

actions and renounce all fruits of our actions then we will get off this

wheel of life and death.


The main ‘take-home point’ here is that we all have to act since life is

movement. Everything is kinetic and yet the only static is our

consciousness, which is all pervading and therefore, where can it move?

All that movement happens on the background of the static,

consciousness and stems from the power of the energy that is also part of

the consciousness, like the power of the magician, who wields his power,

and creates so many illusions. So by the power of the energy,

Consciousness creates the external world of illusions with its own material

of consciousness!


Once we investigate the true essence of ‘I’, we realize that life is a matter

of a balancing act. It is like walking on a tight rope (consciousness), and

balancing ourselves on the tight rope of consciousness making the right

choices, and activities (the act of walking on that tight rope) that keep us

from excesses and deprivations as we go through life, so we don’t fall into

the deep abyss of illusions. 


We can make life a beautiful dance as we balance our body, mind and

spirit with the right yogic practice of sustaining our determination to

exercise control over our mind, life force and our senses. To be able to

sustain our understanding and concentration on our true essence

of consciousness is a boon by itself, for it is the ‘director’ of all our ctions.

To connect the dots of our desires, thoughts and actions is finding true

integrity in everything we do. When we do so, our life is like a beautiful





  • Posted on March 18, 2016 at 5:47 pm




You are a store house of shakti because you are an Atman.

The Atman is full of infinite power (ananta shakti). This knowledge and power can only be accessed through discipline of the mind which is just an instrument of the Atman. This mind has to be sharpened like a knife through mental training or mental culture. It is the soil of the inner garden that has to be tended to daily, like a gardener. One has to weed out the unnecessary thoughts and fill it with divine thoughts under the supervision of the Atman, the antarAtma.

In order to fill the mind with divine thoughts, it has to concentrate and reflect on the higher principles of truth, and the intellect, which is also an instrument of the atman, discriminates between what is atman and what is un-atman, what is real and what is unreal. In order to do so one has to first gather the right knowledge and go through the process of separating the atman, from the un-atman, like separating the grain out of its husk, or separating the sesame seeds from the rice grains.

Atman is the “I” factor that we all identify with in reference to ourselves. “I”, which is consciousness, is the common factor that all of us refer to when we identify ourselves. Consciousness is not visible, therefore, has no form. Consciousness, is ‘formless’ and therefore, as a rule, has no boundaries and is infinite. Being formless and infinite, we all refer to only one Consciousness. There cannot two consciousnesses. In this way we are all connected in that One-ness or aware-ness. That is the source we are all part of and take recourse to. There is a subtle difference between Consciousness and Awareness.

The mind produces thoughts ceaselessly, even when you do not look at them. When you know what is going on in your mind, you call it consciousness. This is your waking state — your consciousness shifts from sensation to sensation, from perception to perception, from idea to idea, in endless succession. Then comes awareness, the direct insight into the whole of consciousness, the totality of the mind. The mind is like a river, flowing ceaselessly in the bed of the body; you identify yourself for a moment with some particular ripple and call it: ‘my thought’. All you are conscious of is your mind; awareness is the cognizance of consciousness as a whole.

Awareness is primordial; it is the original state, beginningless, endless, uncaused, unsupported, without parts, indivisible, without change. Consciousness is on contact, a reflection against a surface, a state of duality. There can be no consciousness without awareness, but there can be awareness without consciousness, as in deep sleep. Awareness is absolute, consciousness is relative to its content; consciousness is always of something. Consciousness is partial and changeful, awareness is total, changeless, calm and silent. And it is the common matrix of every experience.

An ignorant being identifies this “I” with their physical existence of name and form, their possessions and relationships – the “I,” “me,” and “mine.”

 An enlightened being identifies this “I” with pure Consciousness or awareness that is independent of any identification with name and form and any relationship with things, possessions and the world.

The mind thus has to be trained to recognize this subtlest of the subtlest truths in the fire of knowledge – the brahmic fire of knowledge.

To this end the vedantic philosophy leads the aspirant from ignorance to enlightenment of his natural state (sahaja stithi) through the process called

-shravanam (listening to the preceptor)

-Mananam (Reflections on the truth)

– Niddhidhyasanam (Meditating on those truths in silence until all doubts are dispelled shining forth its own natural effulgence.)

This is how the mind takes flight from the gross to the subtle truths.

Thus the mind that is sharpened and takes the help of the intellect to bring forth light that dispels darkness is compared to an iron rod that is heated in a blazing fire to melt it down. The fire in this case is the brahmic knowledge. In this blazing fire of brahmic knowledge all our concepts and frozen, inflexible ideas and beliefs are melted down and dissolved to its ultimate substratum or natural state. In order to be in that state one has to be constantly in awareness of that brahmic knowledge. We fall from that natural state (into a state of duality in a world of relativity) when we identify ourselves with the un-atman and when we are in awareness of that brahmic knowledge through discrimination and intense meditation, we bounce back to our ‘sahaja stithi’ – natural state.

If you want to keep the mind charged with the fire of Brahmic wisdom, you must keep it always in contact or touch with the Brahmic fire of knowledge through constant self-enquiry and intense meditation. You must keep up an unceasing flow of the Brahmic consciousness. Then you will have the Sahajavastha (natural state), which is a state of peace, love and joy.

The Highest Form of Love

  • Posted on September 9, 2013 at 4:44 am


Last night I was invited to my daughter’s friends house for a birthday party. I love to go to parties. I like the energy there. Everybody looks happy and the person whose birthday it is, gets a lot of positive attention.



Well I saw a couple there who were doting on their six month old baby and naturally every one else was also praising the baby and showering him with lots of compliments and love. He was handsome and alert and playful.It was a nice scene. Suddenly, I noticed that as the mother and father were sitting together on the floor playing with their son entertaining him and their guests, there was THAT PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in their EYES as they looked at their son. There is no love on this earth like that of a mother or father toward their child. It was so pure and unconditional. The child looks so innocent while bathing in that pure and unconditional love. The mother and father radiate that love so naturally without making any effort.

What is so special about this love of the parent, mother or father toward their child? When they look at their child this love flows so naturally. It is because they identify the child as ‘my’ child. When you analyze this on a more subtle level, it is this ‘my’ factor that gives them joy. We all love for the sake of the self. It is a reflection of our selves. I love my mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son or friend, brother or sister – no matter what relationship- because first and fore most thing is that it is the ‘I’ that gets the joy of loving them. Everything starts with the “I”. Love starts with the love of the self first. When you connect with yourself, then you connect with everyone else.



When you understand yourself as the one Consciousness that is in everybody, you naturally start loving every body because you see them as a reflection of yourself, a reflection of Consciousness. However, we are all not so in tune with ourselves and not all the time. Mystics on the other hand, have experienced the joy of that ‘pure Consciousness’ and that is why they radiate that unconditional love toward a sinner and meritorious person alike, because they recognize that true essence of every living creature and resonate with it. This kind of love is the highest form of love and of a high frequency that radiates far and wide in the universe. Everything in the universe is energy and that energy is either potential or kinetic energy – manifest or un-manifest. The kinetic energy is measured in frequency. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. The frequency of that state of unconditional love vibrates at a very high frequency which can attract thousands of people. That is why you find that ‘elevated soul’s’ attract thousands of souls who can bathe in that unconditional love. It is a boon to be present in the mere presence of such souls for they are very rarely found.




  • Posted on May 6, 2013 at 5:42 pm





“Karmanye Vaadhika Raste Ma Phaleshu Kadaachana
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhuuhu
Ma Te Sangostva KarmaNi”

Last week Eric Worre’s book, “Go Pro – 7 steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional”  became the best seller.

Today I wanted to post on one of the nuggets I found in his book.


He says in his book, “There are no bad experiences and no good experiences – only learning experiences. Experience is the best teacher. “Let go of the outcome and focus on what you can learn from every experience. That will take off the pressure. Be an “active student.””

In this world you are either growing or you are dying so get in motion and grow.” In order to get in motion, learn and grow you need both health and wealth. So here’s to your health and wealth in a cup.

As I said in my previous article we all need attention to feel loved. It is very important that we are mindful of where and how we focus our consciousness. I love Network Marketing because it forces me to mingle with other people. in sharing the good things of life. Life is where Consciousness is.

When reading Eric Worre’s book I came across a paragraph about “How To Learn” and it reminded me of the verse 47 in chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita, which states that we do not have a right on the fruits of our actions but only the responsibility to take action. Just because we do not have the right on our fruits does not mean we should not act but that we should focus on the action rather than the fruit.

In Network Marketing one has to constantly work on Self Development. This true for everybody in any profession, but no where is it mentioned so emphatically as in Network Marketing Profession.