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This Too Shall Pass!

  • Posted on October 21, 2011 at 3:15 am

Yesterday I attended the product webinar on FamilyIQ and found it very thought provoking. Mark Hobbins discussed about the FamilyIQ products and discussed the topic of the stages of grief that a person goes thru when they experience the loss of a person either thru death or severage of a relationship.

He was also talking of how FamilyIQ has an extensive array of products that can improve your relationship and parenting skills and thereby strengthen your family. Their engaging content makes this learning process fun and easy to do.

One category of products is the FamilyIQ assessments which are fun and informative. Designed to give greater awareness regarding a subject, principle or skill, their assessments also enlighten members with new perspectives. The results that are provided for your review are often eye opening and create a desire to learn more and take more tests!

Talking about grief he touched upon the aspect of spirituality which is my favorite topic. He talked of relying on a higher principle to get through the trials and tribulations of life. And this is the topic I have been dwelling upon today. Sure, we go through a lot of emotions while suffering pain and sorrow. For physical pain we can resort to medical treatment and relieve ourselves of the pain but sorrow is a mental pain that we don’t seem to be able to find a cure except by maybe giving ourselves time in healing ourselves. And that is what he touched upon when he said sometimes the only way we can help is by listening to them rather than give advice on how to cope with their problem. In fact he said, it may be the worst time to be giving some one advice. It is just a matter of going in and out of the seven stages of coping with grief that inevitably anyone would go through. I immediately recognized them all as I actually did experience all of them.  

  1. Disbelief,
  2. Denial
  3. Guilt
  4.  Anger
  5. Bargaining
  6. Sadness and
  7. Acceptance.

 All of this said, I started reflecting on joy and sorrow that we all experience that is really temporary or more meaningfully said by quoting the famous quote, “This too shall pass”.

This applies to both joy and sorrow. But if we delve deeper into this statement, it is interesting to note that we really are a witness to these comings and goings of joy and sorrow. A better word than witness would be – we are “awareness” itself of these happenings. So what is coming and going is the experience of joy and sorrow but that which is neither coming nor going is awareness itself. That awareness itself is the “constant” and the unchanging and eternal. It is the expereinces that keep changing and our awareness as long as it acts as a witness, is no longer destabilized by these comings and goings! It is this awareness that is the common factor in all of us uniting us as one Consciousness. The experiences are as diverse and infinite as the things we see around us. If we can experience this ‘oneness of Consciousness’ we can experience eternal bliss and overcome our trials, tribulations and sorrows!