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Women’s Health and Fitness Expo

  • Posted on September 22, 2012 at 4:49 pm

You are the Michelangelo of your own life.

The David you are sculpting is you.

—- Dr. Joe Vitale, in the Hit Movie the  Secret


Last weekend I attended a Women’s Health and Fitness expo in Dallas and it was a lot of fun.            
I decided to go for it as I wanted to promote my coffee business that I got into recently.
Nikken Water Filter

Nikken Water Filter

I got to see a water filter which has been around for 30 years that I never knew about. It  is manufactured and distributed by Nikken, a very reputable company.
Here’s a picture I took of Kristina Lehr, who as you will see in the picture, displayed her water filter and air purifier, sport bottle and a few other items. I will invite her to talk to me about her products and put it up on the blog when I get a chance because getting pure water is a big issue all over the world.
I also saw another distributor, Edwina Clark who had a booth for natural alternatives for Skin Care. She was surrounded by her helpers who were youth in their early 20’s which I found inspiring since in my mind I saw them as future millionaires. They were getting an early start and being trained by one of the enterprising entrepreneurs  and couldn’t imagine what their lives would be like five years from now. They are so fortunate to get a good mentor so early in their lives.

Aging Gracefully

There was another budding entrepreneur, Eboni Nicole Baldwin who started her own line of skin care products and calls it BIAO which stands for ‘Beautiful Inside And Out’. I loved the name of her company,her products and her dynamic personality.  As you see in the picture, she did a presentation on ‘Aging Gracefully’ and talked about looking for all the harmful chemicals to avoid in the cosmetic and skin care products. A few examples of those chemicals are Parabens such as Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl and propyl: Used as preservatives. Not always labeled. Used in deodorants and other skin care products, have been found in breast cancer tumors. May contribute to sterility in males, hormone imbalance in females and early puberty. There was a whole list of toxic chemicals that are used in various products that are linked to health issues such as skin allergies, cancer, infertility, birth defects, reproductive problems and learning disabilities. Yet these products have been approved by the regulatory licensing agencies! Something to think about!
Last month I launched my International Gourmet Coffee business as a distributor  with OrGano Gold Coffee. I will soon be posting some information on that in my future posts. In one of their presentations I heard the speaker mention this, which is really food for thought. She said, when she offers people the healthier coffee to try out, they usually ask, ‘what does it have?’ but when they see a new coffee on the shelves of Walmart or any grocery store, they pick it up without questioning as to who manufactured it or what it contains.
We really do not care to ask who manufactured it or what are the ingredients on those freely available products in the market place as long as they are affordable and in the shelves of the regular stores. But believe me it pays to do your own research on the products and rely on your own personal testimonial of how it tastes and makes you feel. That is why we simply give you samples and let you be the judge of that.  OrGano Gold coffee will make you feel good instantly and it is as tasty as Star Bucks coffee for a lot less cost.
There are a lot of good companies out there that are manufacturing some really good products and are choosing to push their products thru distributorship by people who choose to use their products or even refer them to others. In other words they are willing to pay you for using their products and referring it to others. So it is really not a bad idea to consider home based business as an opportunity to make additional income and also improve your health. Now That is some food for thought!
I would like to share this picture I took of one of the top leaders in OrGano Gold whose story I find very inspiring. He was a carpet cleaner for 15 years on the verge of abject poverty because he was unable to pay his bills. He got introduced to OrGano Gold Coffee 2 years ago and within 2 months of starting his business, he became very successful in the business and is continuing to do so developing at the same time his personality and leadership skills.


Cosmas Mgembe and his beautiful wife Joyce


I am so happy to be in the coffee business as it a fun business and just a matter of sharing the good things of life. It is exciting to meet new people and grow thru knowledge obtained in such events as the Women’s Health and Fitness Expo.


—— Docfran Clark