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Trigger Thumb

  • Posted on August 27, 2013 at 5:32 am





 Recently I developed a condition called Trigger Thumb. I didn’t think much of it in the beginning until I went to the doctor after a month and realized the gravity of the situation. Believe me it is no fun to have a trigger thumb. This body is really like an intricate machine and this is a mechanical problem. And like a mechanic the surgeon has to cut open the skin and fix the pulley mechanism in the muscles. Yikes!

Life is truly fragile. I was just sitting and meditating a month ago when I went for the Guru Purnima retreat and suddenly when I opened my eyes at the end of the meditation, my thumb started twitching involuntarily. And then I found that every time I bent my thumb I had a hard time bringing it back to its original position and it would click giving me a lot of pain due to  a lot of inflammation. We cannot take anything for granted and life is short. 


But I must say I was fortunate to be introduced to the FGXpress Power Strips, a new product in a category its own. I was amazed at the relief I got in such a short time. Even more impressive is the business opportunity that is currently in pre-launch. Here are some highlights of this opportunity I have listed below 

Product/opportunity is in pre-launch till March 2014.

Unique four in one patented product.

You could have the convenience of spreading the business to 190 countries across the globe where they have a post office.

The product comes in an envelope like a greeting card so the product can be delivered any where there is a post office.

Dedicated customer support 24/7.

Company pays thru payoneer debit card or global pay transfer

Company pays thru payoneer debit card or global pay transfer

  Power strips utilize  wave form  technology (which is considered to be the future of delivering both medicine and nutrition) and is patented and exclusive to FG Xpress.

 As a listed “Class 1 Medical Device” this proves to the World that PowerStrips are unique and can bring relief of Pain & Discomfort.

Nothing like this has ever happened in the network marketing industry!

There are companies like Amway, Herbal Life, Nu Skin and Avon, that have been here for decades and do Billions annually, who can not say what we will be able to say, and do what we will be able to do…..and we are still in pre-launch!

It will absolutely alter the future of the company making it grow bigger, better, and much, much faster.

With our FDA listing we can now LEGALLY make “Pain” related claims without worrying about the FDA coming down on us.

This is a Huge Breakthrough since avoiding product claims is something that every networker in the industry faces but by joining FG Xpress you don’t have to worry about that!

FG Xpress Power Strips are shipped in a non-discrete envelope and 15 Strips are contained within each individual pack. Since the appearance looks like postcard or birthday card, it’s given us the ability to enroll members from all corners of the earth including some third world countries that have never been presented with an opportunity like FG Xpress.

 Leaders from all around the world are being drawn to the FG Xpress Opportunity since FG Xpress pay’s out an unprecedented 62% back to the field.

 One of the biggest obstacles that most companies face, is trying to unify the field and have distributors sharing and teaching the same message.

Many times this is difficult because different building methods and techniques can be shared amongst distributors, which can lead to a lack of focus and frustration. The beauty in the FG Xpress plan, is that it’s simplistic in nature and our field leadership is teaching the same message and strategy on how to build the business and maximize the plan.

It’s established a much unified culture that has created a big sense of community and a duplication model that can be taught to anyone regardless of their language or location.

X-Tribe is the focus for every new distributor which gives them a very clear and concise path to follow, along with some exciting financial incentives to motivate them and find success with FG Xpress.

With a lot of today’s so called ‘Hot Opportunities’ being based around Short Term Trends, Social Media, Penny Auctions, Apps, etc. I believe the market is more open than ever for a Real and Tangible Product that delivers almost instantaneous results.