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How Do You Brand Yourself?

  • Posted on September 14, 2012 at 5:38 am

What is Branding?

There is a lot of talk about branding oneself among entrepreneurs who want to succeed on line . Does Branding mean getting your name out there with a lot of articles and putting a logo or motto next to your name or simply showing your expertise on line to be found by a keyword on that subject? Read more….

Sometimes we refer to people as ‘arrogant’, ‘generous’, ‘selfish’,’lazy’, ‘stupid’, ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘narrow minded’ or ‘broad minded’, etc. This is also called “stereo typing” people.

“Stereotypes are notions about a persons intentions or personality type prior to actually knowing that person. The impressions gained when one stereotypes are based on things about the person that generally have nothing to do with the qualities themselves. Read more….

But branding is also defined in the dictionary as “to label or mark with or as if with a brand.”

” to impress indelibly: The plane crash was branded on her mind.”

Branding on the internet means qualifying oneself as an expert on a certain topic or product.

Does Every One Brand Themselves?

But branding or stereo typing people doesn’t really tell us much about the individual per say. As such branding oneself as an expert on a topic or product is okay in terms of business management. But how about in real life? Does everyone brand themselves whether they have a business or not? I think they do. You can tell a lot about people by knowing what interests they have and the kind of philosophy they develop. Whether we realize it or not, we all follow a philosophy of life based on our interests, beliefs,values and experiences. As we grow in life our philosophy keeps changing for the better with wisdom as we experience life in its various stages.

The scriptures tell us that we are what our interests are. “We are what we think”. “As a Man Thinketh, so is he”  So one way of branding yourself is simply doing and talking about your interests, sharing your values and philosophy of life. We all learn from each other since we all have different experiences and perspectives in life. Sometimes we brand ourselves according to the beliefs we follow such as religious, pragmatist, philanthropist, etc. So it would behoove us to evaluate our belief system. Personally, I do not like to be branded because I have found that over the years I have subscribed to different belief systems and now I like to call myself eclectic and non-dualist, but I really like to be known beyond brands. I do not like to fit any particular mold or brand because I really believe myself to be fluid and want to dissolve all beliefs and be a free spirit.